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Thread: Casting forcestaff on hooked unit acts different

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    Casting forcestaff on hooked unit acts different

    In wc3 dota if you cast forcestaff on a unit which is being pulled, the target will just have the dusty effect that force is used on the target, but just like normal continues being dragged towards pudge.
    In Dota2 the target while it is being hooked and force is applied on the target will move but in the end will be pulled to pudge, or shall I say teleported.

    1. Pick pudge and max hook for easier testing
    2. Pick a second hero to be pulled towards pudge
    3. Pick a third hero to cast force staff on the target
    4. Hook the target with hook as far as possible so that its easier to see the results
    5. When the hook connects, use force staff before the dragging ends

    Result: Unit will move the 600 units and stand still until the hook ends and then is teleported behind pudge.

    Expected result: Forcestaff just applies the effect but the target stays in the hook just like normal.

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