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Thread: [Confirmed] Level of Skill not in icon for DoT/other buffs and debuffs

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    [Confirmed] Level of Skill not in icon for DoT/other buffs and debuffs

    In DotA 1, if a level 7 axe battle-hungered you, you could immediately check what level his battle-hunger was by mousing over the effect immediately above your hero. If it said level 4 you better go kill a creep, but if it's level 1 you could worry about something else. This applies to ALL effects, from seeing what level bloodlust is on an enemy ogre magi's buff to the level of invoker's extort.

    Any plan on adding that back in? It's a major nerf to information, something DotA typically doesn't do...

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    I can confirm this, though would suggest this is minor bug. (In example for bh a medium player can indicate it's level by duration/damage he takes).
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    added to sticky.
    annoys me every now and then too.
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