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Thread: [Fixed] Meepo: Equipping Agh's while dead spawns fifth Meepo at death location

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    [Fixed] Meepo: Equipping Agh's while dead spawns fifth Meepo at death location

    If Meepo gets an Aghanim's, puts it in his stash, dies, then moves the scepter from his stash to his inventory, a fifth Meepo spawns, which gives gold and experience as a normal hero if it's killed before he respawns. Thanks to an unrelated bug, it doesn't add to his death counter (only the main meepo's direct deaths do).

    Repro Steps:
    1. Go into a match, choose Meepo, preferably level him up.
    2. Assemble the scepter using the courier, then have the courier put the item in your stash.
    3. Die.
    4. Drag the scepter from your stash into your inventory.

    A fifth Meepo immediately appears where you died.

    Expected Result:
    The fifth Meepo should not spawn until you have respawned, as when you take a skill point in your ultimate while dead.

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    I confirm this bug.
    If the dead Meepo obtains an Aghanim's Scepter from his stash, the 5th Meepo is born on the spot where the Main Meepo died, just like he would if the Main Meepo was alive.
    If the newborn Meepo is killed, he grants his killed the gold and the a frag. But no death will be recorded for the Meepo.
    I didn't test everything about it, like if Meepo can gain gold/exp with the 5th Meepling, or if he loses gold when he dies with it, and things like that. It isn't required to test such things imo, since he shouldn't be there in the first place...
    There is no way to test this on W3 DotA, since there is nothing like a Stash there and you cannot put items from Circle of Power to your inventory while dead.

    I forgot showing the scoreboard after Meepo's second death at the end of the video, so here is a screenshot for it:

    Tip: This bug can be fixed easily by disabling Inventory interaction with the stash while dead. That function already doesn't make any sense.

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