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Thread: Add a shortcut for MUTE SOUND + MUTE MUSIC

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    Add a shortcut for MUTE SOUND + MUTE MUSIC

    First of all thank you so much icefrog! and congrats on dota2 I've been a huge fan of dota since the wc3 days!

    Please add a hot key or command to be able to toggle on/off sound fx and music.

    I multi-task a lot and having to press esc -> click settings icon -> go to audio settings----> slide volume button all the way to the left --> then go back to the game. can mean losing the whole game if its at the wrong time!

    I suggest (like in wc3) too add a short-cut for sound + music.
    ctrl + s = sound
    ctrl + m = music

    or whatever you want to bind it to.

    if you guys agree please bump this and let it be seen! dota 2 needs this badly!

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    You can use the console commands to bind it.

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    I play dota2 alot. And this is one of the main things that really bother me as I play.
    I hate to revive a 4 month old thread but.. I've been searching these forums for the past hour and cannot find anything to do with a command that mutes sound.

    Of course you can use the console to bind a key (Control+S) to mute the sound but what are these commands? And if there is a command, how the hell do you bind holding shift to a key (Control+S)?

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    I too would like to know how to bind this kind of command please.
    Many Thanks to VALVE for my beta key!

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    It has to be implemented almost everygame has it.

    PS: console should dissapear !

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