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Thread: [Fixed] Meepo doesn't lose bloodstone charges

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    [Fixed] Meepo doesn't lose bloodstone charges

    When I tested a Meepo game I had Aghs (Unsure if that's relevant), but I then purchased a Bloodstone.

    Got a few charges, died, but didn't lose the charges.

    I'm unsure if it matters if Meepo Prime vs a Meepo Clone dies, but I died about 4x after I got the Bloodstone and didn't lose any charges at all. Was fantastic when I got up to around 16 charges because the respawn time was significantly decreased!

    More testing is needed to accurately refine the bug.

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    added to sticky.
    repro would be appreciated nevertheless.
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    I Would think this is a sideeffect of the meepo Death bug

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    Potential game-breaking bug. LOL

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    OK so:
    If Meepo Prime dies, charges are lost
    If Meepo Clone dies, charges are NOT lost

    Easy to reproduce:
    - Lvlup to >= 6 so you have a clone
    - Get a blood stone
    - Have your clone die (Sending them to rosh or something works well)

    Meepo dies, but doesn't lose charges.

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    To add to this, and it hasn't been fixed:

    If a Meepo clone dies while the Prime holds a bloodstone, Meepo does not heal his allies in the AOE, does not lose charges, does not get the 25*charge gold loss on death prevention, yet he will get the reduced death timer and gain experience & charges while on the ground dead.

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    Make this a feature IMO. If meepo gets 25 bloodstone charges + BoT's, well, you lose for letting that happen.

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    bump, still not fixed

    people are abusing this

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    Any chance of this being intentional? Bloodstone is a really bad item for Meepo, but this bug makes it viable.

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    Shut up.
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