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Thread: Main Menu Music

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    Main Menu Music

    I don't know If this has been addressed, but the main screen music plays through once and then I just hear complete silence, unless I start or watch a game, etc. maybe the main music should replay itself or perhaps just a rolling list of tracks would play.

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    yes only play once and them NIGHT SILEEEENCEEE!! :/

    i like the intro song to the menu. put another like that, and some easy and fast button to stop, if you dont wanna listen more. like a jukebox xD

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    I love when I get in the game and I get welcomed with the awesome music from the trailer. Surely Valve will put other tracks to follow Right, Valve? (looping that kind of music doesn't work. It could loop at max twice, but then another kind of music is needed (or it may get slightly repetitive)).
    And thanks for putting Tribal music (The music used at internationals for wait before game). It's really neat

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