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Thread: [Fixed] Sand King's Epicenter and Refresher Orb

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    [Fixed] Sand King's Epicenter and Refresher Orb

    I was testing some stuff on a private custom game with Sand King when I asked myself what will happen when SK gets a refresher orb, uses his ultimate, uses refresh and uses epicenter again immediatly after.
    So I gave me some gold, bought a refresher orb, channeled epicenter, then used the refresh and channeled the ulti again.
    After some redoing of this I noticed that if the second Epicenter channel time was completed before the first one's pulses ended the second Epicenter would not happen, while still putting the spell on cd (as per spell description as it was at least an attempted cast).

    The easiest way to reproduce the bug is enabling wtf mode and buying an Aghanim's Scepter and cast again epicenter after the first one, mind that wtf mode is the easiest way but it's NOT required.

    I tested if it was only a graphical bug by spawning an enemy bot, and giving him 6 hearts of tarrasque, and reproducing the bug. The results were that neither the damage was happening
    nor the pulses animation were happening.

    What i did not test was if the bug depends on level (both 'testes' were done at level 25) and with all spells learned at max rank, epicenter included.
    Used items were: blink dagger, refresher orb, boots of travel, it was done either with and without aghanim. I did also tried this on dota1 aftewards, but I did not test if the second Epicenter did actual damage and was only graphical, and on my copy the waves of the second Epicenter were displayed.

    Thanks for you patientce, and sorry if this was already reported, the search funcion came up with nothing, or if this is intentional.

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    Confirmed. Two epicenters do not stack, it's bugged.

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    added to sticky.
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