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Thread: Update 2

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    Update 2

    - Fixed Freezing Field duration.
    - Fixed Power Treads attack speed.
    - Fixed blademail tooltip.
    - Fixed Shadow Amulet not appearing in the shop while browsing.
    - Fixed Overgrowth duration.
    - Fixed Unstable Concoction duration.
    - Fixed only the tooltip on Summon Wolves HP being updated.
    - Fixed Magnus missing recommended items.
    - Fixed Devour cooldown.
    - Fixed Shadow Fiend's Requiem tooltip.
    - Fixed Shadow Fiend Requieming twice as many souls as he should have on death.
    - Fixed units to not teleport with Magnus if he is teleported while Skewering them.
    - Fixed Skewer having a cast range.
    - Fixed Reverse Polarity not moving units instantly.
    - Fixed Skewer killing Roshan instantly.
    - Fixed Skewer not destroying trees.
    - Fixed Sadist double regen.
    - Fixed non-animating Magnus portrait.
    - Fixed Incapacitating Bite still listing damage bonus values.
    - Fixed bot loadouts for Shadow Amulet.

    Thanks for all the great bug reporting!

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    Damn, that is a lot of bugs fixed. Keep up the good work!

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    How about the meepo not losing gold or getting deaths for dying? Kind of game breaking lost 2 games because of this. The one meepo was terrible but got vlads, mek, and assualt curiass for his team. Normally he would of been lucky to get mek in the game.
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    Maybe something is wrong with my update but shadow amulet is still missing from the shop.

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    I was hoping that Skewer killing Roshan is not a bug.
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    Any news on when the music is going to be added back into the game?

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    Please give Magnus back the ham he had on his back on DotA 1. I alrdy made a petition for it here.

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    shadow amulet is not on the shop yet. u can find it only searching for its name

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