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Thread: [Suggestion] What "LEARN" tab should have.

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    [Suggestion] What "LEARN" tab should have.

    Please add at least 2 more sub-tab (now only HEROES and ITEMS):

    1) ITEM BUILD (suggested and costumize)
    - This is already in-game, but I feel there is a need for players to access this without entering a game or creating a lobby just to costumize their item build. From this section, players can freely costumize their item build for each hero and new players can also learn "SUGGESTED ITEMS" for each hero.

    2) SKILL BUILD (suggested and costumize)
    - Not in-game yet but this will be helpful for new players to review "SUGGESTED SKILL BUILD" and also for existing players to costumize their skill build for each hero accordingly.

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    I don't know about this. This limits players on how to play heroes and discourages creativity and experimentation with builds. I think that the suggested items are good enough and if people want to learn more they can always research it in various websites.

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    i like to have item build in learn tab. no thanks for skill builds, would never want to see skill built in the game.

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