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Thread: Known bugs

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    Is the Feature Request form in the OP still in use or is it recommended to just make a new thread per feature request?

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    API calls are returning 500 errors for me now. Anyone else?

    Edit: Confirmed that other IDs work. Moving this to the standard thread.
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    Tried to search around and make sure this isn't an already known issue, but I've noticed that when using the GetLiveLeague's api, it returns duplicates with the same leagueid's. If I was making separate calls than it'd be ok to have duplicates, but this is one single call that is returning multiple objects with the same primary key. This makes our lives unnecessarily difficult when doing things that are multithreaded.

    To reproduce the issue, just make a call to the live league listing and search through the response for id "203", you'll see duplicates (it's not the only one, just the example i first found).

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    Did they have same match_id too? If not then it may be that there are multiple games going on simultaneously for that tournament. Cos right now i see multiple entries with same league_id but different match_id.
    Else is it a bug.

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    Has anyone encountered issues with using GetMatchHistoryBySequenceNum and setting start_at_match_seq_num params past 1930465539? I've been trying this repeatedly and I keep on encountering this message:

    "result": {
    "status": 2,
    "statusDetail": "Error retrieving match data."
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    GetMatchDetails doesn't return radiant_name, dire_name, radiant_team_id, dire_team_id for league matches.

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    For some reason GetMatchDetails now
    returns same account_id (4294967295) for different players (non league games)

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    I am getting "lobby_type":7 for games played as Solo Queue, whereas I expect a 6. Anyone have the same result? Documentation says:

    -1 - Invalid
    0 - Public matchmaking
    1 - Practise
    2 - Tournament
    3 - Tutorial
    4 - Co-op with bots.
    5 - Team match
    6 - Solo Queue
    7 - Ranked
    8 - 1v1 Mid

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