Anyone remember a day about a week or two ago maybe more and steam servers went down for an hour or so and dota was a bit wonky over it and difficult to get connected to?

Well, I see a post a guy put and it was closed as he didnt seem to have a bug, but he brought up something which is a minor bug and would be a bit annoying for a new player, when you load up there is bald guy with guitar twang, and after that if servers are down it says "Connecting to Dota network" so naturally, especially if you are tech savvy you are inclined to leave it sit for ages and see if it goes. Thing is, when it says connecting to dota network, it's actually reporting NOT connecting... Let it sit... nothing... got to close it and try again. Hardly the worst bug ever, not even a bug technically and once you've it copped you all but forget it, but could be fixed all the same...

I think the guy went on to complain about winding up on the priority pool and some mod just said all righty not having that conversation or something lol :P

Anyways, why not change the text to "Server not found.."