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Thread: [Fixed] Bane's ultimate channel bar doesn't give the correct time with scepter

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    [Fixed] Bane's ultimate channel bar doesn't give the correct time with scepter

    Currently, when using Fiend's Grip with Aghanim's, the channelling bar doesn't increase the timer to 7 (it remains on the default 5 seconds). The actual time does not change, however, so ulting with a scepter will increase the time to 7 seconds.

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    added to sticky.
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    Also, debuff tooltip still shows that 5% of mana is transferred with scepter.

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    There are plenty of inaccurate tooltips of aghanim's upgrades, its because of the recent balance changes like it no longer reduces Lion's Finger of Death cooldown however the tooltip says it still do.

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    This short channeled bar has mislead me into thinking Aghanim wasn't working on Bane, please fix

    Simple and obvious things that should get fixed/added asap: SCOREBOARD, Ingame friend list, Different Ping for Roshan, Add Notes to Players, Accept Button while tabbed

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