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Thread: [Fixed] Lion's Stun not targeting

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    [Fixed] Lion's Stun not targeting

    In Dota 1, if you target with Lion's stun and the spell animation goes, it will hit no matter where the enemy runs in the animation time.

    This was true before patch 6.75 in Dota 2. Now it isn't. Just happened to me 5 times in one game where I targeted a stun, the stun went, and the hero didn't get hit.

    Not a written change in the patch notes AFAIK.

    EDIT: To clarify, this is if when you click the stun to target you click directly on a hero. If you "attack ground" as it were then there would be no tracking in Dota 1. Just if you target on a hero.

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    they already changed burrow strike to work this way, so it might be intended.
    added to the sticky nevertheless.
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