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Thread: Forged spirit's interaction with spiked carapace

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    Forged spirit's interaction with spiked carapace

    1) use invoker to cast forged spirits
    2) use spiked carapace with nyx assassin
    3) attack nyx with forged spirits

    result: Invoker (hero) gets the stun+damage

    expected: the forged spirit should take that stun+dmg

    not sure how it works with other summon units, but i just tested this and i dont think this is working properly, as the description sais it stuns+damages the source of damage and in this case should be the forged spirits.

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    I think this is intentional, because people can also use blademail to destroy Phantom Lancer, since he takes all the damage his illusions give to the enemy.

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    I always interpreted as the way it is supposed to work, that it is the hero that gets stunned and the damage return.

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    Yup, intended.
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