Sometimes it happens that second courier was bought accidentally. Then second courier become useless because you just have to bind it manually what most people doesn't do. So why not make this in the hotkey you can choose in settings.

How it could work: imagine we have 2 couriers in one team

then, the order "which courier my bind should choose" may look like this:

- Courier I ordered already (Go To Secret Shop; Retrieve Items; Transfer Items)
if not
- Unused courier
if there's is none
- Courier, which is returning to base
if more than 1 are returning
- Courier, which is closed to our fountain
if all couriers are delivering items/moving to secret shop at the moment
- First courier with warning that this one is already ordered by your teammate

Now it works that you will always have chosen first courier while second one have to be chosen manually

With that I would change the hud, to show courier, which could be chosen by this order and add a button to be able to see all (or at least up to 5 with scroll if there are more than 5)

I think then second courier wouldn't be as big trash as it is currently. I also know this whole thing is totally useless but it's doable

Constructive feedback is welcome & forgive please if I made any grammar mistakes