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Thread: Center camera in one press

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    Center camera in one press

    I was going to suggest making a button / it possible to center the camera in one press.

    Right now it is possible, but you have to make the button yourself and it does not center the camera when you push the button. What this actually does is when you push the button it selects your hero, and when you let go of the button it then centers on your hero. So in essence it does work on one key press but it is a bit different.

    Do it like this.

    alias "+center" "+dota_camera_follow"
    alias "-center" "+dota_camera_follow"

    bind k "+center"

    This basically pushes spacebar or +dota_camera_follow twice and it centers the camera on the hero in one press and release.

    I think this should be written into the options menu / controls menu.
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    Already requested here, in a better fitting section as well. Closing this.
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