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Thread: "Put to stash" item option

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    "Put to stash" item option

    The question was also raised here:
    Sometimes it's useful to be able to put item of yours to stash.
    It is currently doable through giving your items to courier and using "return to stash" function, or by dragging item there when you have something in stash already.

    My suggestion is to add a "Put to stash" option on an item (next to current "Show in shop"). Similar to selling item, it would refuse to do so if you don't have your base in range. Alternatively, some toggle to show your stash even if it's empty.

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    Yes. Currently makes 0 sense.

    You can put every item you want into stash as long as you got something in it, even if you take that item out afterwards. If you take it out first, you can't access the stash from your hero. Plainly stupid.

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    I agree, since we have a stash why not use it to it's fullest.

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    Please Use the search function. I already suggested this here Reported as duplicate.
    <-- My work is done, if this gets implemented
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