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So currently only the GetHeroes API call works right? Because thats the only request I get data from and the call is made to a different EndPoint (not $baseUrl but https://api.steampowered.com/IEconDOTA2_570/) and those are disabled at the moment, right?

I just looked into this stuff for a few minutes and called a bit against the API via PHP like this:


I'm not a big coder so please look over the quick'n'dirtyness
This thread isn't the place for asking for help! it is merely here to display a the list of FAQ because (I for one) got sick of answering the same questions.

in future please post in a new thread with any questions.

As stated in the FAQ section above, the stats API is down until further notice, although if u want to test your algorithm the dota2 test api is still up.
see the original post for details.