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    Anyone know what game mode 0 is?<key>

    EDIT: It looks like this does not happen after Oct 24 2012; maybe a change was pushed to the storage/API on that date?
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    season - ????????
    Does anyone know if this field still exists? If so, do you have an example match that includes it?


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    Hi, I have trouble with going to the "next page".

    Quote Originally Posted by MuppetMaster42 View Post
    Note, in order to go to the "next page" of results you need to do one of two things:
    • Use the match_id of the last match returned by the query, and then use it as the start_at_match_id:
    • Use the starttime of the last match returned by the query, and ten use it as the date_max:
    I get a lot of duplicates passing start time of the last match as date_max. For example, date_max=1378551080.
    First match with "start_time": 1378593108 (higher than my date_max). Second with "start_time": 1378590156 (again higher than my date_max). And so on. Each "page" I get different number of duplicates. Why is that? I expected to get 1 duplicate (last match on previous "page" to be the first one on new "page") but no.

    Using start_at_match_id is even worse. It works as it should but I can't get more than 500 matches. Help me, please

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    if you're looking at every single game played, you will probably get duplicates because games start at the same time.
    you can use the match_id to cycle through pages of the same start time.

    think of it like this - the date parameters create a 500-match window which you can slide along the history of every match ever to get different sets of 500 matches.
    the match id parameter lets you look through the 500-match window.

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    Excellent API guide. One question... you say that there's no Item list API call yet, but just to be sure you mean in-game items or Items on your steam/dota profile you win/can purchase (which I think you refer to as Economy (cosmetic) Items)?

    UPDATE: --- ignore from here ---
    Is there any way to get the whole in-game item tree? (say I want to get the info on Power Threads, where can I get the name/description, price and which items do I need to "build" this item along with the stats that will be modified by the item. Is there a way to get this?

    Also: I see that the item file you mention (on the first post) has changed location to:
    <path to steam>/Steam/steamapps/common/dota 2 beta/dota/resource/item_<language>.txt
    But that file contains items that are not part of Dota 2 like:
    "DOTA_WearableType_Cape_and_Collar"    "Cape and Collar"
    So how can I get a "filtered" items list?
    --- ignore to here ---

    Nevermind I found out what I needed to do. I followed the guide from to extract some Dota2 files, in them the items list file. I need just to parse it. Thanks! Hopefully we can have this in the API soon

    The only thing I'm missing is the description, display name, category (basic, consumable, etc.) and image. Anyone know in which file this is?
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    match history for league doesn't work for me it (actually it doesnt provide matches only
    "result": {
    "status": 1,
    "num_results": 0,
    "total_results": 13,
    "results_remaining": 0,
    "matches": [


    other things like match details works fine

    how can I get match id's played on some league id???

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    It doesn't work since the 6.79 patch, there are a lot of threads speaking about that already. The search function would have answered you before I did.

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    Not sure how long this has been here, but there appears to be guild info on the getMatchHistoryBySequence, same as teams.

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    Also, there are two new fields in GetMatchHistory. They are series_id and series_type due to new spoiler free match listings.

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    I would like to play a bit with the stats, and to do so, I would need some info about the games played during maybe a 3-day time window, which would account for about 3.6 million games if I am not mistaken.

    I see there are some restrictions to the API calls. Is there a way to easily download these stats? I have seen a torrent somewhere on this forum, but it is too big, I would need a small dataset to play with.

    I am only interested in games for which at least two members have their profile public.
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