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Thread: Blink Dagger on Bane

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    Quote Originally Posted by bu3ny View Post
    This line isn't ingame either
    This is even worse than Slardar's global laugh oh god

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    YES!!! THIS LINE!!! BEST LINE IN THE GAME DESPITE NOT BEING INGAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Valve put it in pls.

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    Really disappointed that this one isn't in game, I really hope they add it as a rare, even though getting blink on Bane isn't exactly common anyway.

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    Maybe they can add it in the "-wtf mode" in the future, but it's preferred that all the comedy will be left for the community to make and enjoy, don't put them into the game.

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    we need this

    A true demon can never die.

    I dare you to show me your bones.

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    It shouldn't be global, at least not to the oposing team...They don't need to know I just bought a blink dagger -_- But yeah it's awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by bu3ny View Post
    This line isn't ingame either
    +1 to blink dagger line

    and +1 to this line being a global sound when bane kills someone with fiend's grip
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    Yeah wut this sound is horrible, please no, keep deactivated, kthx bye.

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    Rejoice, they hooked up this line in the game, Bane now has a 1% of saying this when you buy a Blink Dagger.

    Source: talker files in the test patch
    Response bane_PurchaseIsBlinkDaggerChance_1%
    scene "scenes/bane/bane_bane_blink_03.vcd" nodelay noscene speakonce

    Rule bane_PurchaseIsBlinkDaggerChance_1%_Rule
    criteria Purchase Isbane IsBlinkDagger Chance_1%
    response bane_PurchaseIsBlinkDaggerChance_1%
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    Drow requires more skill to play her now. I love it.

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    that is hilarious. What's the reference?

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