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Thread: General Audio/Voice interactions within the game.

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    General Audio/Voice interactions within the game.

    Hey there. I`m Chris,from Romania and i`m one of the lucky participants to the closed-beta stage of Dota 2. Here`s my impressions towards the audio part of the game SO FAR:

    -Even though Dota depicts an ancestral war between 2 powerful forces which have so many types of mythological oriented heroes within their ranks...most of them (if not all) sound pretty...Human. It`s very strange to hear a normal lady voice (barely processed within a Studio or even a DAW) while controlling a Faerie Dragon...i think you are all aware that this influences your game experience so much that at one point it might become a negative point of dota 2.

    -Some of the unit`s responses seem unnecessary...for example,when Pucks says "Surprise" after teleporting to her illusory`s not only un-needed but again,hearing the same human voice makes it a bit disturbing. There are a lot of other simillar situations...when killing a hero....when escaping....or even when denying a creep. I think you should implement a Taunt ability so when you taunt and kill a unit ONLY THEN your hero will say a (i hope so) very smart and painfull remark towards his dead foe.

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    Under the Audio Settings tab you are going to be able to limit or disable the unit speech, it's just not implemented yet.

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