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Thread: [Confirmed] Plague Wards having to less aggro

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    [Confirmed] Plague Wards having to less aggro

    Venomancers Plague Wards are having less aggro than they used to have in W3 Dota.

    When soloing Roshan it is impossible to lose Roshans aggro except one moves out of his pit.

    I would be glad if someone could proof that this was different in W3 Dota.

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    Long post, so I bolded the important parts.

    There are more than one thing that is inconsistent with W3 DotA about the Plague Wards.

    First of all, as you can see from the OP video, on Dota 2 the wards aren't attacking to the Roshan (or any other Neutral Creep) unless you give them the attack order, although they have their enemy in their range. (and yes, it is like that no matter you have set your Auto Attack ON or OFF)
    This was not the case on W3 DotA. The wards could never be stopped. If they had something to attack in their range, they would attack no matter what.
    This can benefit Venomancer in several ways:
    • You do not have to be careful about where to plant your wards when you want to take down the Roshan. On W3 DotA, you had to plant them wisely so that they were close enough to let you stay inside the Rosh Pit, and far enough to prevent a premature fight.
    • On W3 DotA, wards used to give themselves off whenever an enemy is nearby and visible. Now on Dota 2, you can make them stand like an observer ward for the scouting purposes, without letting the enemy know.

    Second issue is that the wards are low priority targets. You can see that on OP video. That wasn't like that on W3 DotA, and you can see that on this video:

    Roshan attacks to the nearest target, no matter if it's a ward or a hero.

    I don't know what the real properties are for the targeting priorities. For example, the towers are focusing on the Venomancer whenever he comes nearby (does not necessarily have to attack the tower), even if there were wards around beforehand, both on DotA and Dota 2.
    But it is different for Roshan. He should not focus on Venomancer when there are Plague Wards around. At least, according to W3 DotA, that's how it should be.

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    added to sticky.
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    There were already many threads about it (glad finally it is on sticky...)

    Creeps also ignore the venomancer wards and hit straight on towers. In Dota 1 the creeps would attack the venomancer ward as soon as it damages the creeps.

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