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Thread: [Fixed] Kraken Shell doesn't cancel Dismember and Fiend's Grip and Shackles anim

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    [Fixed] Kraken Shell doesn't cancel Dismember and Fiend's Grip and Shackles anim

    Kraken Shell doesn't cancel Dismember and Fiend's Grip animation if triggered with the first tick.
    EDIT by Buny: Same goes for Abaddon's Borrowed Time. If it activates on the first tick of the the channeling, the caster will keep channeling it. Also Rhasta's Shackle acts the same as Dismember and Fiend's Grip.

    Repro Steps:
    1) Pick Pudge or Bane or Rhasta
    2) Skill spell "Dismember" or "Fiend's Grip" or "Shackles"
    3) Create Enemy Hero: Tidehunter or Abaddon
    4) Make Tide skill his 3rd skill "Kraken Shell" or Abaddon his ulti "Borrowed Time"
    5) Cast named spell on Tidehunter or Abaddon (Kraken Shell/Borrowed Time need to proc on the first tick. Damage Tidehunter before with < 600 DMG/Bring Abaddon's hp down so that the first tick of the channeling spell triggers it)

    Even though Tidehunter/Abaddon comes out from Dismember/Fiend's Grip/Shackles Pudge, Bane or Rhasta are still channeling their spell.

    Expected Result:
    Kraken Shell/Borrowed Time should cancel the channeling as well.

    Proof for Pudge:

    Proof for Bane (THX "ThoAppelsin"):

    Proof for WC3 (THX "ThoAppelsin"):

    Quote Originally Posted by ThoAppelsin View Post
    This issue happens only when Kraken Shield procs on the first tick of the channelling ability (for both Dismember and Fiend's Grip).
    If the Kraken Shield procs on the second tick for example, Pudge/Bane does not continue channelling.
    And on W3 DotA, they never continue channelling, no matter on which tick the Kraken Shield procs.
    More informations (Brainstorming Thread):
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