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Thread: [Suggestion] Reset focus to hero when trying to move as an immobile object

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    [Suggestion] Reset focus to hero when trying to move as an immobile object

    When playing as venomancer you tend to click on the wards when spamming them. You lose focus of the hero if you click on any ward and then you're stuck with an immobile ward. It would be nice if when you tried to move with it, it would automatically get back to your hero.

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    actually not a bad idea, very user friendly, t-up.

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    I dislike this idea.

    If you try to focus a certain unit with your wards and misclick you will have your hero selected/moved your camera to him and aren't able to give another attack order.
    Also by pressing F1(default) you will have your hero selected and with double tapping F1 you will focus the camera on your hero, and you can even bind him to a different control group which does the same as F1.

    Maybe if you give an move order with m it would not hurt, but with a right click it will be more often a disadvantage than helpful since its way easier to regain control of your hero than a ward.

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    Good idea, but make it an option, or a few options ie as mameshiba suggested, m-moving to take focus to hero
    personallly had annoyance with this,
    shadow shaman : stunned, spam ult to get wards down and end up clicking the ward and losing about 2 seconds of a teamfight because i don't realize i'm selecting the ward ^&^

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