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Thread: [Duplicate] Flying courier is affected by Black Hole

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    [Duplicate] Flying courier is affected by Black Hole

    Flying courier gets pulled from Black Hole (but not taking damage).
    Similar to Overgroth, Echo Slam, Reverse Polarity etc.


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    Well, it is a black hole. Not even light can escape its pull, I suppose a donkey would meet the same fate.

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    i can confirm, both couriers sholdnt be affected by black hole

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    They are not just donkeys, but Ancient Donkeys. Such Donkeys care not for the laws of physics.

    Basically they are ancients, so are not affected. Added to sticky.

    E: They also have marker ability which makes them immune to most aoe spells like black hole. Awesome redundancy, awesome donkey.
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    I want a pet (ancient!) donkey like that!

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    which proves that chickens are not made out of light!
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