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Thread: (Maybe duplicate)Can't use certain altcodes.

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    (Maybe duplicate)Can't use certain altcodes.

    Since about 5 or 6 days, I haven't been able to use a lot of alt codes in the dota 2 client, but I can copy and paste them into the client before 5/6 days ago I could use them.
    Is this a bug? I read a thread about korean characters supposedly not working but it seems it's not confirmed yet and I don't know if it applies to different language packs or.. however the characters are recognized

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    This happened to me too! I'm not sure exactly when but it's quite possible around your same time! i used to be able to do them alt+3 for heart and everything, now most of them just turn up as question marks. Alt codes still work in notepad and browsers and such ♥. I can't remember changing anything let alone anything that could give this result. Some alt codes still work though, just most of them don't. I also wonder if this is related to [Unknown user] i find in chat channels.

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