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Thread: Fail to Join Every Game, freezes the Loading Screen

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    Aug 2012
    played 4 games today and after these im not able to play, this is kinda weird, isnt it ?

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    sigh my exams are nearly over and this has not been fixed. i can go crazy... PLEASE SOMEONE HELP US. BUMP

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    Valve i can't even watch replays anymore im begging you to fix this, everything freezes now.

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    bump totally

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    Nov 2012
    very similar to me, , ah they should help us to fix this

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    I'm going to bump this thread every hour because I am now unable to join any game ever now. It's impossible, i have done all recommended things, restarted my computer, downgraded and upgraded my drivers and even changed every setting in the game. This has to do with you Valve, this is not on my side, this is on yours.

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