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Thread: [Confirmed] Rubick performs Greater Bash upon passing through units,when using CoD

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    Quote Originally Posted by lunatic3k View Post
    how can you call 2.4s stun and 750ms chase/escape "bad"?
    Because without the Greater Bash to stun people on the path you're piss easy to interrupt.
    And mind you when this was made to act this way Charge was quite a bit slower.

    The way I see it is simple, this spell mentions Greater Bash in it's tooltip, hence it takes that. It's just like how if you steal spells from Death Prophet they are buffed by Witchcraft, even though you do not have that. This also occurs in WC3, so going by that logic I'm more inclined to say Charge is an oversight in WC3.

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    Well, the behaviour is different, so it should be noted as bug.

    Anything more than that belongs to the brainstorming/playdota suggestions forum I guess.

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    added to sticky.
    Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

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    I am almost entirely sure that W3 DotA will be fixed instead of Dota 2.
    Same reasons with Arxos.

    Rubick's Spell Steal intends to mimic whatever the original caster has done on his/her last performance.

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