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    Angry "Pathing"

    I am going to take a deep breath and explain this with 0 profanity.

    Oh my gosh.

    Sometimes I click on the mini map to move my hero and sometimes that hero stops or turns around to go back around an object. >.<

    Sometimes I am at least 300 from a building, tree, creep or object and my hero turns to go around it. This should not happen till the shortest melee range. I can not get last hits or kills sometimes as my her so turning to go around an object and not being able to take the shot. This mostly happens with melee but sometimes range also.

    For the love of cake, Bring Dota's pathing back. I am unsure if its truly possible but I will mention I play a lot of RTS including HoN, LoL and a few others that are not F2P MMO. I will mention that I have played Wx3 a fair amount and most of it included Dota and Tower Defence and I have not ever had the amount of frustration I do with other games Compared to Dota Wx3. Dota 2 isn't so bad as other games BUT it's still an issue.

    Thank you for your time ^.^

    Also whoever designed the Fog of war. You did an outstanding job and **** you is it annoying sometimes.

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    Deal with it.
    It's a different pathing and it has its uses, even with it comes with some troubles as well.
    You should start a poll.
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