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Thread: Default minimap pings and drawing duration should be longer

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    Default minimap pings and drawing duration should be longer

    You can increase the time that pings and markings stay visible on the minimap via a console command.

    dota_minimap_ping_duration n (n being the length of time, default is 3)

    This is hugely useful. Perhaps when someone pings you can't glance across at the map that second, when you glance a few moments later the ping marker has disappeared. I increased the length when I first started playing dota 2 and having teammates information display on the map longer essentially increases the amount of tactical information on display at one time, and gives you more time to choose when to look at it. I use 5 seconds for pub games and longer times when I play with people who don't constantly fill the map up with pings and drawings. You could in theory bump it up longer if you played with people who really used it precisely.

    When teammates draw lines showing enemy routes or the path they intend to take, I can see that line on the minimap even if I happen to not immediately check to see what they are drawing. Same with 'defend/attack' icons on towers.

    The reason I think it should be longer by default (and it should probably be an explicit setting in visual options) is that newer players benefit the most from having the information visible for longer, because they haven't learn the ability to filter all the ton of information that you're receiving in an average dota-moment. Looking at the map every time someone pings could very well get them killed.


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    I have to disagree.
    As default settings I think its cool as it is now. Why?
    This could be very abusive by "artist-like" players and mass pingers, Also new players dont care/know for console commands.

    The console allows us to customize a lot our Dota 2 (all of valve's games) and this is really nice for advanced players who know how console works. Example: You.

    I think its nice as it is now.

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    what can be done, is make it a setting under options, because some people will never know this is possible
    (tf2 had an advanced options windows wich included a lot of console commands whose lot of people used)

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    SPECIALLY PINGS. I rarely manage to see 1ping, i have to ask what's up! Increase duration of pings.

    If you don't have an intelligent reply for me, don't bother I will shred your non sense to pieces.

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    +1 would be nice to see it as an option in the settings menu

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