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Thread: Change neutral camp symbols to show camp difficulty?

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    Change neutral camp symbols to show camp difficulty?

    So, each neutral camp has a symbol in it. I assume right now it's just a generic symbol showing where the neutrals spawn. How about changing it so the symbol represented whether the camp was easy, medium, hard, or ancients? I think the mini-map should show this as well. This could be disabled (or enabled) with a simple colors option. I'm not sure if this is already implemented somehow. I don't remember seeing an option or console variable for this.


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    I like this idea. For new players who don't jungle a lot this would be useful.


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    great idea.
    given the terrain there could even be cavern paintings of the creeps at that spot.
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    +1, great idea! This would be great for players learning how to jungle.

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    Hm, why not? I support the idea!
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    and also make the triangles bigger, as they can barely be seen on minimap

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    +1 Wonderful idea! Never really noticed the purpose for those symbols there in the first place. hehe..

    Also, it would greatly help new players as when I tried to do jungling I didn't know which were the hard or easy camps.

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    Interesting, I approve +1

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