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Thread: False abandonment

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    False abandonment

    Relevant screenshot:

    Relevant matchID: dota_match_details 55364510

    Relevant abandonment screenshot:

    Hi there,

    I'm a competitive Dota2 player and while playing a pub game on my laptop, it overheated and autoshutdown. I immediately brought out the ice packs and removed the laptop battery so that the heat wouldn't be a problem ever again... but by the time I was able to make it back into the game I had found out that I had gotten an abandon because of this.

    Fast forward to just about 20 minutes ago.

    I was playing Disruptor with some friends in the 1-day low priority pool (which I explained in the above paragraphs) and since it was low priority and the statistics from it were not recorded anyway, I decided to just spend all game stacking creeps so that my friend, who was playing Axe, would get super farmed and whatnot early.

    Anyway, after a few minutes of running around the jungle (and later the ancients), doing nothing but stacking creeps and then walking away so that I don't steal XP from my friend playing Axe while he levels up faster than the other team's Antimage, I was (seemingly) randomly given the abandonment! My initial reaction is chronicled in the above screenshot link.

    In retrospect I guess it might've been because I wasn't getting any XP in the game for a prolonged period of time.. but come on, seriously? Surely the requirements for an abandon can be better than that. Why not just make it like TF2, which this HL2 mod borrows a lot of stuff from based on my cursory browsing of the steamapps/ folder, where you are only kicked from servers for not moving or performing any actions after a set period of time? This would make a lot more sense to me.

    I was clearly playing the game and did not deserve this abandon. The other thing I mentioned in the beginning with the overheating laptop, yeah I guess I can accept that even though I still think it's ridiculous, but this abandon because I decided to have fun and screw around in the low priority queue (and in a VERY VERY productive way by stacking creep camps all over the jungle), which I shouldn't have been thrown into in the first place to be honest, is just silly and should never happen again.

    -A paying dota2 player (I've bought the frog courier, 2 tournament tickets including the expensive G-1 ticket, and a team supporter thing for the International)
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    bump to add that this crap happened again.

    Relevant image:

    I was eating while playing Dota2 earlier and in the late game I decided to stop and start eating some food that was sitting by me while I played. It was waiting for me all game and now that victory was assured, I decided to just relax for a moment and eat.

    Apparently the game doesn't like that and now I'm in low priority again.
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    You really deserved low priority in the last game and the first I guess you deserved it too, since you basically left your team 4on5 for good 5 minutes with a strong support that can crush meepo hard and that all for a farmed axe? Really?

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    If you don't get XP for 5 minutes, you abandon the game.
    Not the perfect system, but it works.
    Also: You can't even stack enough to NOT get XP for 5 minutes without being heavily ineffective.
    While stacking you have to return to lane sometimes.

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    So even when we're pounding down their Ancient (which was the situation in the most recent post I made), I can't even stop to get a bite to eat for a few minutes while I wait for the game end? I was playing Chen for crying out loud: all I do is a-move creeps into the ancient and use my ult at that point.

    My teammates decide to fountain dive and I get punished with an abandon because of that? You guys really think that that's fair?

    What if the game had been even longer than the 46 minutes in the screenshot? What if it had been like that epic 168-minute pub game that's all over youtube? Would I really deserve an abandon if I went to go to the bathroom for a bit?

    How ridiculous!

    And yes, I can stack and not get any XP - that game is proof!

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    That's not ridiculous. You are AFK and get kicked therefore. That game is not a proof. It's a proof how unbelievable inefficient you played. 5 minutes without a single point of XP is just awefully bad. I don't say the system is perfect, but the rules are very simple and with normal gameplay it works.

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    the low priority is %$@45 i got ! low prio for nothing :/ FIX THIS ! ASAP !

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    I completely, 100%, fundamentally disagree with you.

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