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Thread: ESWC in Paris / Halloween map

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    ESWC in Paris / Halloween map

    Hello there,
    I'm a dota 2 admin for the ESWC event in Paris.
    Is there any way to disable the diretide map ? This is inappropriate for competitive gameplay.

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    Not sure wtf. Are you saying the Halloween themed normal map is bad for competitive or that new mode diretide is bad? Cause you can still host normal private -cm lobbies. You don't have to play Diretide mode(although it would be epic to see competitive lvl of it)

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    If you are a real event admin at ESWC then you should have some contacts with the devs and you don't have to write your request here...
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    This has already been requested, and you can voice your request in this thread. Meanwhile, you posted your request in the wrong section entirely - this section is for cosmetic items.
    Closing this.
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