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Thread: Gigantic heroes with new diretide patch

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    Gigantic heroes with new diretide patch

    If you hex Rosh he becomes a gigantic pig (not sure if intended) but also all the heroes will become as big as roshan inexplicably at the same time, heroes that grow seem to be either random or the ones hexing I didn't get a chance to verify so somebody else help me out if they know.

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    I experienced the same glitch. I was playing Obsidian Destroyer and, after hexing Roshan and coming out of the pig state, I looked like this for the rest of the game:

    I was the only one affected by this glitch.

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    first player cast hex i think...

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    Glitched for me aswell. Caused by transforming into bear (stealing true form) and then back to rubick (not sure if it always works).

    match id (if devs need it): 57488304

    Oh, btw, it's NOT Diretide, it's normal match.
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    Big everything.... model sizes getting huge from a lot of things (not just hex) and NS with no wings for the last 2 patches...

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    I've seen XL-sized PotM and Chaos Knight. My undying became extra large too in a game.

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    I can relate to this. Little glitch that got very little effect on game play tho.
    Youtube'd proof of this happening.

    I'd say: don't fix this valve

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    I can also confirm this. To reproduce, just hex with Shadow Shaman or Scythe of Vyse and kill him while he is hexed. Result
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    Happens with many (all?) heroes. I played Lion, he was huge from the beginning of the match. Everyone else was still tiny. Usually ends up with everyone being huge.

    Makes the game kind of hard to play because it seems like everything is zoomed in too far.


    Steam community isn't loading properly for me, but this the bug (if the image shows)

    For reference Lion was Pudge sized at least there.
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