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Thread: Editable spell animations/graphics as an Inventory spots and tradable items.

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    Editable spell animations/graphics as an Inventory spots and tradable items.

    Would it be possible to include a slot on the hero inventory that replaces animation and graphics of a certain spell? Similar to slot for Invoker where he can get a certain item to change the looks of his Forge Spirits. For example:

    Lion's Mana Drain:
    Instead of sipping the mana from someone on distance, he could rise his devil's hand and suck it in to a some what mouth hypothetically place in the middle of it (like mouth from Vampire Hunter D, the anime movie).

    Clockwer's Flare:
    Instead of a rocket spreading fire on a certain area, it could be a rocket that puffs above the area leaving a slowly lowering parachute with a flare attach to it.

    Morphling's Waveform:
    Instead of Morphling riding on a wave, make it that he summons a wave and a slowly fading replica stays at where he previously stood, and a new one forms out of water at the end of the ride.

    Ogre Magi's Ignite:
    Instead of flame, make it look like the ground grows underneath is trying to grab the hero.

    Juggernaut's Blade Fury:
    Instead of twisting, make it look like Juggernaut swings his sword so fast that it looks as if he was performing three or four attack animations at different directions.

    Bane's Nightmare:
    Instead of a black mass attach to the enemies head, make it add a circle shadow that fades away underneath the hero, as the spell wears off.

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    Being able to know at a glance what's going on at all times is much more important than cosmetics. Changing spell animations only creates confusion.

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    They don't have to be completely different, only slight modifications that the main objective of the spell wouldn't change.
    In case of Juggernaut's Blade Fury, it would be a circle shaped animation that would be connected to a character's silhouette in constant motion.
    In Ogre magi's case it would be a flying object that upon attaching to the object would show a steamy aura above the hero, and few other heroes/creeps nearby obtaining the same effect.

    If Invoker will summon different creeps it wouldn't change the fact that they move at a certain speed limit, attack in the same way with same projectile animation and them being a packet of two.

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