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Thread: International 2012 item flair mysteriously removed

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    International 2012 item flair mysteriously removed

    Not sure if this has happened to anyone before, but yesterday I was in possession of 2 Walrus-whackers for Ogre Magi that were both received from the International 2 chests (which means they had the "International 2012" flair in the item description. I recently received another Walrus whacker from the Diretide event which understandably doesn't have the International 2012 flair on it.

    However, when I went to look in my inventory, 2 out of 3 Walrus Whackers had no flair, the only one with flair was the one I currently equipped. This seems receiving an International item will somehow delete flair if you receive a duplicate.

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    I can confirm this... had a few items lose flair but NOT all of them. I don't know why only some lost their flair.

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    Any confirmation that we'll receive Pudge's bone hook from Diretide Chest? So far I've gotten 2 lanterns for Warlock and 2 Heirlooms for TA.

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    ^ Just a bit unrelated to the thread, but no, the Pudge bone hook doesn't drop from the Diretide chest, since it's not in the drop list.
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