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Thread: The inability to name couriers - The American Man's Struggle

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    The inability to name couriers - The American Man's Struggle

    The other day, the Gabe Newell's generosity smiled upon me. I received not just a chest, but rather a Diretide chest. Overcome with excitement, I instantly headed on down to the Dota 2 store to purchase a key. Fast forward several moments, and I am looking at my inventory with sweaty palms. I direct the cursor and alas, the chest is opened. After all this time, with probably around 5-10 crates/chests opened in tf2 and dota, I received my first unusual. Joy overcame me and I was extremely happy to be blessed with a Diretide Enduring War Dog. Clearly, as Gabe's birthday was nearing, his fortune smiled upon me. For the past few days I've been coming up with the perfect name and description to tag it as. After much refining, I was finally ready to do it tonight, but then, to extreme disappointment, you can apparently not give custom names/descriptions to couriers. For in fact, I was deprived of this privilege. Not only were my hopes crushed, anger broiling within my heart, possessing the rage of a thousand suns, but I was confused. Why is a man able to name his hero clothing or weapons, but not his pets? Why, oh why must my beautiful companion dog live on without a name? This is not what the Founding Fathers of America pictured when they drafted the constitution in 1787. Freedom of Speech includes freedom to come up with witty names for a man's best friend. This isn't right. This isn't justice. And you better believe it ain't butter.
    Because this is an outrage.

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    I felt like this when I traded a 4.99 rare for a name tag to name my first unusual. Oh the pain!

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    Ah, but you easily distracted person, can you not see that we already can use name tags on couriers? Of course not, because you don't live in Valve time. But you can! How? By reading the stickies! Where you can easily find a post from a Valve employee stating that this feature will be coming to those living outside Valve time!
    Now, how's that for a service? Having already confirmed that something is coming before you realized you wanted it to come! This was what the Founding Fathers were all about.
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