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Thread: Legacy ability keys problem with team-mate

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    Legacy ability keys problem with team-mate

    Hi Dev team,
    This s my first time proposing a feature on dev.dota2. I've switched to Dota 2 from Dota Allstar for like 3 weeks. My thought was "You dev team did an excellent job". Of course, I use legacy key bc i'm just too used to Dota Allstars keys.
    However, these keys are only correct and matched Dota Allstars with my own hero not my team-mate heroes (in case they share their hero or is disconnected or abandoned).
    For example, there's this time I play pugna as a support. As you may know, my ability keys are C B W D. My carry was void who is very fortunately disconnected riht before a combat. You know void ultimate key is C. So I took control of void and was about to combat. But for god sakes, his ability keys are exactly the same as pugna (C for blink, D for ulti), which I can never be used to. My instinct was all wrong when I try to control void because for me void ability is always T and C. So, I press C for void ultimate LOL. As a result, void jump about 60 range (I called gg right after ).My team called me noob, which is sad .
    I expect legacy keys remain the same on every hero because some people from Dota Allstars are just too used to it. Please find a way to fix this. That would be really appreciated.

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    It has been like that since start and they will not change it.
    They changed it once but it didn't work well so they removed it.
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