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Thread: "Safe Spot" inside the Fountain Area

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Deku_Nutt View Post
    I usually grab a blink dagger and a quelling blade, secede from my team, and start a new base in the jungle.
    My friend once built a bunker outside my fountain, fun times.

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    dota 2 map is smaller than d1 map.
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    Well, sniping enemies when the match is over and the ancient is being sexually harrassed by creeps, then it's okay, that team is not going to win if they win that dumb fight.

    But if they just destroyed rax and they're being assholes for a long time, i would even report that. Maybe they don't get punished, but that's just being retarded. I just hope Valve don't release any "Rare kill counting" hook for Pudge, people will do that every fucking time.

    But of course, just force staff them back to you. A Force Staff is always good in a Support, to save people, and actually, if you're not having epic lags, it's a must vs a Pudge, can save you from hooks so easily, and even if he gets you, just Force Staff away. If he's sniping you from the Fountain, use it quickly. You might end up back in the fountain again. You can also use it on teammates to get them back in, or to send them in, and kill them. Even Pudge.

    But for what i can tell, no match is over until the ancient gets blown up. I've won matches when it was back to Ancient by just getting a Divine Rapier at the last moment and turning the match over in the last defense. That's the real prupose of that item, not just pub stomping.
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    so what? you cant hide from that pudge fountain camping you because you failed miserable?

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