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Thread: [Mode] 1(5)v1(5) mode - 1v1 Dota

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    [Mode] 1(5)v1(5) mode - 1v1 Dota

    I'm not sure if this should be in the Dota 1 forums or Dota 2 . The reason why is I'm not sure if it's possible to implement this (at least easily) in Dota 1 compared to Dota 2 (WC3 engine limitation).

    So here's my suggestion for a new gameplay mode - 1(5)v1(5) Dota (or just 1v1 dota).

    1. It's a 1v1 game where each player controls 5 heroes each. Generally, you'll play the game as regular Dota but try to control all 5 heroes at once.

    2. Each hero has their own gold pool that cannot be shared, and item sharing has the same restrictions as in regular Dota games (no pooling or sharing items - only the hero who owns the item can sell or use it).

    Getting gold works exactly the same as regular Dota (assists will be rewarded to every hero nearby, creep kills will reward only the killing hero, tower kills grant gold to everyone, etc). Again, each you control hero has their own separate gold pool that cannot be shared - You'll want to try to make sure you can farm on every hero (at least enough to get whatever items they need).

    To buy items for a hero, you have to make sure the hero you want to buy the item is the one shopping (the buy cursor is on the right hero). In Dota 2, this can be done simply by making it so you have to select the hero, then click the shop button while the hero is selected.

    3. Despite controlling all 5 heroes, you should generally play the same game as regular Dota. Obviously this requires a lot of switching between heroes but in some cases, you can leave some heroes to auto attack a bit which is fine.

    I can see tri-laning being more important. For free farming heroes, you might let them auto attack a bit. For solo mid, you'll also have to be more careful.

    Since you're playing solo and controlling all 5 at once, I can see wanting to gather all (or at least most of them) the heroes to battle together by level 6-7 occuring more often (it's easier to control all heroes by grouping them up than by separating them).

    Again, while it may seem tough to control all 5 heroes at once, it's not if they're grouped up. So the only difficult part is early game when you're splitting them up in the lanes.

    Summary - Basically a 1v1 mode for Dota but rather than control 1 hero each, you control all five at once (each with separate gold pools that the hero has to earn and no item pooling, so it's basically the same thing as team dota for 1v1 play).

    Why the game mode (1v1 Dota with each controlling 5 at once)- If you do not have many friends to play with (or you can't play the same time), it's not always fun playing in public games with randoms.

    Plus you can play your own way and experiment more without worrying about teammates (since you're playing solo).

    Finally, playing multiple heroes at once can be fun. You can experiment with certain hero combos. In pub play for example (especially if you don't have many others to play with), you can't really play with certain hero combos that much. With this mode, you can play with certain hero combos more since you control multiple heroes.

    While the game may not be as fluid or clean as 5v5 Dota, it'd still be playable and surely still be enjoyable .

    So that's my reason for 1v1 DotA - No more having to worry about how well your team mates are doing and/or what heroes you feel like you have to pick to win the game. Also you can experiment and play with multiple heroes combinations all based on your own preference. Now you can just control all 5 heroes at once and do whatever you want (without teammates yelling at you because you have none in 1v1 DotA!). You're in control of your own game!


    Anyway, that's my idea for how a 1v1 Dota could work. It'd be the same as regular Dota basically except one player controls 5 heroes on their team (the most important thing is that each hero has their own gold pool, can't share items, and you have to farm and level each hero individually like regular Dota).

    Also, here are my game modes ideas specifically for 1v1 Dota.

    Game modes for 1v1 Dota:

    1. The default 1v1 mode could be something like dupe mode (-dm). In dupe mode, players can pick any heroes they'd like (even if they were already picked.

    "However", unlike regular dupe mode (where everyone can pick the same hero), in 1v1 Dota you can pick any hero "once" each, and your enemy can pick any hero "once" each too.

    So this means that Sentinel/Radiant could have 1 Treant Protector on their team (if the player for Sentinel/Radiant picked him), "and" Scourge/Dire can also have 1 Treant Protector too (if they wanted to, so that means it's not a race to get whatever hero you wanted for your team).

    So if you picked Treant Protector for example, you can't pick him again for your team like in dupemode. Only the opponent can pick Treant Protector.

    (This is similar to mirror matches in RTS games, like Orc vs Orc or Zerg vs Zerg in Warcraft and Starcraft respectively.)

    Of course this doesn't have to be default game mode. The reason why is the game mode is supposed to be meant for fun and for 1 player to be able to do what they want to do with their entire team (controlling all 5 heroes at once and being able to pick any hero they like, even if the opponent already picked them).

    2. Alternatively the default mode could be Captain's mode (which will work the same as regular Dota).

    3. Finally there could be a simple "take turns picking heroes" (like Captain's mode but without banning heroes).

    The reason why there shouldn't be just an "all pick" for 1v1 mode is that you don't want it to be a rush to pick all five heroes you want at the beginning.


    [Edit] - Another idea to make this game mode easier to play is to (for this mode only, 1v1 mode) grant a dotted select circle (in both the minimap and in game) that shows when your opponent is controlling or selecting certain heroes. For example, if your opponent is controlling 3 heroes in a trilane (for example), it should show a dotted circle or have an indicator that shows that those heroes are being selected in the minimap.

    If your opponent switches from the trilane and selects a hero on solo mid (for example), the indicator / dotted selected circle will also show that.

    (Basically, there should be an indicator and unique minimap icon that shows which heroes and units are being selected by your opponent. Of course, the minimap icon will only show if you have vision of your enemy's hero.)

    This way, you (and your opponent) would know where to focus on at the same time. If you see your opponent is focusing on the trilane, then you should either focus on the trilane too or try to get some free farming or last hits on some other lane your opponent is not focusing on (again, both players know which hero the player is selecting or controlling at the moment).
    Anyway, that's my idea for a new game mode for Dota - 1v1 Dota but rather than control 1 hero each, you control all five at once (each with separate gold pools that the hero has to earn and no item pooling, so it's basically the same thing as team dota for 1v1 play).

    Also abandon and afk rules shouldn't apply to 1v1 Dota (for Dota 2 that is). The abandon and afk rules were implemented mainly so you wouldn't ruin the game for your own team (generally the opposing team doesn't mind getting a free win). If a player wants to leave early, they just surrender or forfeit the game (without any penalty).

    (Though if leaving becomes a problem that playing a proper 1v1 game isn't possible, there could be an abandon rule for the first 15 mins or so of the game. After 15 mins have passed, the player can leave without any penalty.)

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    Normally, new game modes should be suggested on Your idea seems like it would not be worth the trouble to code into Dota 1 though. Since I can't really say, I can say this won't happen for a very long time or at all.

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    If this was ever implemented it'd probably be played for 1 day and then never again.

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