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Thread: In-game chat log button.

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    In-game chat log button.

    I don't know if this belongs here, since it's not exactly related to the chat room, but more about in-game chat.

    I believe it would be handy to have, perhaps additionally to what we have now (the small and scrollable log when pressing enter), a button on top of the screen that displays a full-screen log, for easier browsing (pretty much like F12 in WC3).

    Additionally, some usuals chat settings could be changed there, like: All chat by default, ally chat by default, send messages only to X player by default, etc.

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    i definitely like the allychat/allchat default idea and the full-screen log
    i also think there should be a way to scroll up/down using mousewheel or up/down arrow key after pressing enter

    also a way to have the past few lines shown when holding down a button (like Z in HoN/LoL)

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