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Thread: [Bug] Greevils appearing naked

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    mine too

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    Why does this happen every single patch?

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    I have a problem with my courier "Greedy Greevil" Actually I have two "Greedy Greevil" and both looks wrong in multiplayer. When I play with bots my couriers looks right like in the preview. But in multiplayer my couriers looks different.
    I enclose two screenshots: bots mod and multipleer mod.

    I gave my friend this courier and he set him, my friend doesn't have that problem.
    Please help me!

    bots mod
    bots mod1.jpg bots mod2.jpg
    and multipleer mod
    multipleer mod1.jpg multipleer mod2.jpg

    Maybe it's because I deleted name one of my "Greedy Greevil" and he became just "Greevil", but I gave my friend this courier and he set him, my friend doesn't have that problem.
    Tried verifying my game cache, but it's not solved a problem!
    Please correct the problem with my couriers or give me working courier!
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    I have exactly the same problem with rain heart. Same courier, same scenario. bump? :L

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    Same here.

    One funny thing though that on private servers that are run my d2ware the couriers appear fine !

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    I'm pretty sure everyone have this problem with greevils and valve still didn't fix it.

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    I'm amazed this still hasn't been fixed. It's pretty major imho and it should have a higher priority than most things cosmetic related.

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