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Thread: "Find Match" button press won't show that search has started

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    "Find Match" button press won't show that search has started

    Sometimes I notice that "Find match" button doesn't work - pressing it won't yield expected results:
    - it doesn't change to "Cancel Search",
    - timer will not show up.

    Couple of times afterwards I found out that is was due to servers were down, but sometimes the search actually goes without any visual signs. Game will let you know when match has been found as usual. Pressing button again wont stop this hidden search.

    So far I dont know how to reproduce this.

    This never happens right after I start Dota 2. I noticed that it occures after I play or maybe watch a number of games.
    Also, when game is found with this bug, and when all 10 players accept, client doesnt connect to game as it does usually, but instead I see message "game in progrees" i dashboard along with "Reconnect" and "leave game" buttons, like I was disconnected from game. If I press "reconnect" I get to game as usual (loading players window appears). All this I noticed when searching for game while watching another, maybe these things have something to do with each other.
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    happens to me too

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