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Thread: [Intended] Pulse Nova cannot be disabled while silenced

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    [Intended] Pulse Nova cannot be disabled while silenced

    Quote Originally Posted by ThoAppelsin View Post

    Pulse Nova cannot be disabled by Leshrac, if Leshrac gets silenced by a regular silence (not Doom) when his Pulse Nova was active.

    Reproduction Steps:
    1. Create a Leshrac
    2. Create an enemy hero with an ability to silence (e.g. Drow Ranger)
    3. Activate Pulse Nova
    4. Cast silence on the Leshrac
    5. Try to disable the Pulse Nova


    You cannot disable the Pulse Nova

    Expected Result:

    You should be able to disable the Pulse Nova under the effect of silence. (not Doom)

    Everything else is working as expected.
    A video to show what's going on on W3 DotA:

    Edit: I wanted to stress this once again. Doom - Pulse Nova interaction is working like it should right now. Doom should prevent and is preventing Leshrac from disabling his active Pulse Nova.

    I guess it'd have been fixed already if it was a bug, but still, it feels strange to me and I wanna ask,

    Shouldn't Lesh ulti stop while he's silenced?
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