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Thread: [Confirmed] Shadow Poison interaction with the magic immunity

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    [Confirmed] Shadow Poison interaction with the magic immunity

    Credits to bu3ny, I will use his report as a template for this one.


    If the unit under the effect of the Shadow Poison gets immune to magic, the Shadow Poison gets released immediately and deals the damage before the immunity applies.

    Reproducement Steps:
    1. Create a Shadow Demon
    2. Create an enemy Juggernaut or any dummy unit with a BKB
    3. Cast several Shadow Poisons on the target
    4. Cast Blade Fury or the BKB from the targeted unit


    The Shadow Poison gets immediately released right before the magic immunity gets applied.

    Expected result:

    The Shadow Poison should remain unaffected by the magic immunity. It should remain unreleased until Shadow Demon manually releases it, or it automatically gets released after 10 seconds.
    If the target is still immune to magic by the time the Poison gets released, it shall deal no damage.
    If the target is not immune to magic anymore by the time Poison gets released, it shall deal the whole damage.

    Note: Happens with all magic immunities, except with N'aix's. Even that one is bugged, though. Rage shouldn't dispel the Shadow Poison, just like the rest of them.

    Could be fatal when you cast Repel on a purged unit to save him, but he dies from the damage.

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    This occurs when a unit is cycloned as well

    I don't have War3 Dota so I'm not sure if this is intended, but if you use Eul's on yourself (or probably an enemy) while they have Shadow Demon's Shadow Poison stacks on them, the Poison will instantly detonate and the hero will take damage as soon as the item is activated on them.

    Repro Steps:
    1. Place multiple stacks of Shadow Poison on a hero with low HP.
    2. Have hero cyclone themself.

    Shadow Poison instantly detonates on cyclone activation and deals damage as soon as cyclone begins. If it does enough damage the hero will be dead in the cyclone.

    Expected Result:
    Tornado should provide invulnerability and Shadow Demon should have to manually detonate Shadow Poison if the debuff isn't removed. Other Purges (Diffusal Blade or Storm Panda Purge) don't automatically detonate the Shadow Poison or remove it, only Eul's does.
    Original Thread:

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    strange interaction with shadow poison and rage

    if the target is affected by shadow poison stacks and it becomes magic immune by (bladefury,black king bar,repel) the stack damage is applied before the magic immunity.

    however with lifestealers rage while under the effects of the stacks, it blocks the damage.

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    Bumping this rather than making a new bug report.

    Shadow poison should not be dispellable at all, but it can be dispelled with abilities like purge and time lapse. When it gets dispelled it immediately deals damage.

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