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Thread: [Fixed] Boots of Travel keeps on channeling when target is dead (ground target)

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    [Fixed] Boots of Travel keeps on channeling when target is dead (ground target)


    Boots of Travel keeps on channelling, although the target being Teleported at dies during the channel. This happens only when you select your target with ground-targeting.
    (The channelling stops like its supposed to, when you select your target by unit-targeting.)

    Reproduction Steps:

    1. Create a hero with Boots of Travel
    2. Create an allied creep (-createhero goodguys)
    3. Create an enemy killer (preferably with a Divine Rapier)
    4. Activate Boots of Travel
    5. Click/cast somewhere nearby that allied creep
    6. While the Teleportation being channelled, kill that creep being teleported at


    The teleportation effects and the channel continues. By the end of the channel, teleportation does not occur. Your hero stands still for nothing.

    Expected Result:

    The teleportation effects stop, the channel stops. Your hero deals with it, and continues doing other stuff immediately.
    There is no issue about teleporting by actually targeting the unit itself. Teleporting by targeting the ground should be the same.


    Credits to shadowjerm for making me realize of this [Bug].

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