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Thread: [Confirmed]Soul Rip damages allied courier

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    [Confirmed]Soul Rip damages allied courier

    Courier currently is a valid "amplifying unit" for Undying's soul rip. When soul rip is cast, the courier loses 25 hp.
    Additionally, the courier might add to the damage/heal effect, but this wasn't tested while being a very likely case.

    - move your hero (undying) and allied courier outside of fountain area
    - cast soul rip on yourself

    result: courier loses 25 hp

    expected result: courier doesn't lose any hp
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    Nope, just tested. If true, it's a bug.

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    Cant test this right now but, courier is magic immune, so test this:

    1 - gather omni and soulrip.
    2 - go near a bunch of creeps.
    3 - repel one creep.
    4 - use soul rip.
    5 - gather results.

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    soul rip is hp removal (only the -25), so that test has no merit. (the creep will lose hp in your example). But that doesnt necesarrily mean a courier should lose hp too.

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    All the repro steps you've came up with is unnecessary.

    Just create an Undying, isolate him, and put a courier nearby, cast Soul Rip on self.
    On W3 DotA, it doesn't get damaged.
    On Dota 2, it gets damaged.

    This is a [Bug], and I confirm it.
    Would be nice if this thread was moved to the main section and added to the list.

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    Is the courier used to the damage/heal amount in wc3?
    What i wanted to know in my steps was this, if the unit count or doenst count for the spell (even if it gets no damage)

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    What is your question RocketFingers? I think I am misunderstanding it.

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    Ive formated my machine so I dont own wc3 anymore. (will fix it soon).
    What I wanna know is:
    1) Soulrip catches a bunch of units around and use their HP to do damage/heal.
    2) In dota 2 the courier is a valid unit for this (prolly bugged).
    3) is the courier a valid unit for soulrip in wc3? If you cast with soulrip with a courier around (enemy or yours) will it increase soulrip damage/heal?

    We know the courier isnt damaged by soulrip, what I want to know is if he helps to increase the damage even without losing his HP.

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    No. Courier is simply not grouped, so it doesn't take damage, nor is counted.

    Adding to sticky and main.
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