Among scores of other people with this problem and no responses in other areas - Tried for hours to connect to games on AUS server yesterday. DOTA 2 game coordinator was on the fritz all morning. Finally some friends were able to get into games. I tried to find a game, ready'd up, get stuck on loading screen. 5 min ban.

Try again, 20 min ban.

Hesitantly try once more after friends assure me servers were fixed finally. Failed to connect to the servers once again, received 24hr ban. Posted in several threads and created my own thread about this issue with the servers and the ridiculous jump in ban length even though its through no fault of mine.

No response from any support staff. Ban is still in place. I assume servers are still broken as well due to the number of new threads about the problem.

What happens when in about 4 hours after my UNJUST ban finishes, i try to find a game again, and the servers are still problematic and dont let me load?

Another, even longer ridiculous ban?! Come on DOTA 2 Support staff. No responses anywhere. So many people with this same issue. Fix. Your. Shit. Fix your servers, amend the ban length (jumping from 20 min to 24 hr is just stupid.), and lift these unjustified bans due to YOUR server issues.

I hope to hear back from SOMEONE regarding these issues, it has already been a day with no response, i've posted about this in multiple relevant areas, so many users have created new threads with the same grievance as I have..

Sort it out guys seriously unsatisfied.