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    Dota 2 Server Information and Discussion

    Dota 2 has servers in many regions of the world for our players. This post outlines our server locations so players can make informed decisions about where they would like to connect and play.

    When playing on our dedicated servers, the game uses the UDP Internet protocol on ports 27015 through 28999. By default, it will use UDP port 27005 on your computer when connecting. You do not need to forward any ports in order to play Dota 2 as all play occurs on our dedicated servers. Most routers will work without any changes. If you have trouble connecting, please check the common issues post for help,

    When you first start Finding a Match in Dota 2, you will be asked which matchmaking regions you wish to queue for. Most players will choose one or two regions close to them for play. You can be in the queue for multiple regions and this can reduce your wait time.

    More advanced players may wish to test their ping to various server regions. The best way to do this is to Create Lobby and set the server location in the Lobby Settings to the region you wish to test and launch the lobby. Once you've selected a hero you can type "-ping" into chat and see your ping displayed in the upper right of your screen. Note that the server location setting is based on the actual location of the server (refereed by the city they are located in). You can use the table below to match the server location to the matchmaking region.

    Server Locations

    US West
    Seattle, WA, USA

    US East
    Sterling, VA, USA

    Europe West

    Europe East
    Vienna, Austria

    SE Asia


    South America
    São Paulo, Brazil

    Stockholm, Sweden

    Sydney, Australia

    This thread will be updated when there is an issue with servers. It can also be used as a discussion thread for server issues.

    Enjoy the game!
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