You can still zoom out a lot by using the following steps:

Get the screen up the mountain to the left of the map

Press your hero picture to get the zoom and the camera to your hero, but DON'T RELEASE THE LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. What happens is that if you keep the left mouse button pressed, and move the mouse out of the hero picture is that the camera will be constantly centering your hero wherever you move. It will not zoom in until you use your scroll-wheel to zoom, use the sides of the screen to move the view etc. This is how it looks:

It's even very useful in the jungle even if it already is very high cuz of the uphills, It's also great in mid to spot ganks both from bot and from top etc.

And if you release the left mouse button and dont make adjustments to the camera you can just left-click it, keep it pressed and move the mouse out of the picture and it will continue centering your hero. And if you by mistake zoom in, it takes like 4 sec to get zoomed out again.